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Little Mountain Signs
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We chose the name "LITTLE MOUNTAIN SIGNS" as we are located on the slope that rises up to meet our local landmark. Little Mountain, a place of serenity with green forests, tranquil ponds, and wildlife is located in Concord, Ohio. 

While traveling in the early 80's, my wife Gayle and I began to notice many attractive and eye catching sandblasted and carved signs. The more we saw, the more excited we became. We saw them at restaurants, bed and breakfasts, churches, cities and parks. It seemed anyone who had a business and wanted to be noticed had one of these beautiful signs.

We noticed how each sign was a unique piece of art that represented the style, character and individuality of each business, farm or local landmark it portrayed. Many signs were often enhanced with gold leaf to add to their beauty. 

As artists, Gayle and I, appreciated the work that went into these unique creations. 

Gayle is a decorative artist and I am a wood carver. Our excitement began to grow as we realized "This is something we can do." The seed was sown, and we decided our art could be put to work. I would carve the signs and Gayle would paint them. It was a perfect combination of our talents.

We started with small signs, mostly for individuals. Word of our reputation for quality and professionalism began to grow and now, we not only create signs for individuals, but also for cities, villages, churches, farms and many businesses.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our gallery of signs. We create custom work, so if you are interested in a sign for your own needs, please feel free to contact us.

Bob and Gayle Malkamaki
Little Mountain Signs 

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