Silhouette of Big Muskie against a sunset

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Big Muskie

- a giant Bucyrus-Erie walking dragline in Southeast Ohio. Efforts to preserve The Big Muskie as an historical museum and tourist attraction for the region have failed and she is being cut up. To learn more details about her, please go to the Big Muskie - Remembering the walking giant page.


Big Muskie Links



Links to related equipment other than the Big Muskie

Three giant shovels that worked in Southeast Ohio (Sorry these sites no longer work. Please let us know if you know of good sites featuring these machines.)

  • The Silver Spade - scrapped in 2007
  • The GEM of Egypt - scrapped in 1991
  • The Mountaineer

Links to a Preserved shovel in West Mineral, Kansas called Big Brutus

Other interesting links

  • Dragline World - World's largest dragline, shovel training center. Operator training, electric drive system. Research and development. Fantastic operating models by Jim Brennan


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Big Muskie's bucket being moved to a final memorial site near McConnelsville, Ohio

Pioneer Steam & Gas Engine Society of NW Pennsylvania site

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